Product Catalog PDF Magento 2 Extension

The Magento 2 PDF Print extension is an advance tool to facilitates your customers to download & product PDF print from a catalogue page directly.

  • Download product catalogue in ready PDF format
  • Easy to personalise PDF using custom fonts, text styling etc.
  • Customize header with custom logo, address & content
  • Display download product PDF button to specific customer groups
  • QR code & Link for an individual product in the footer
  • Choose whether description, price or images should display
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Community Edition 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Enterprise Edition 2.3.x, 2.4.x


Version 1.0.0 CE (Apr 28, 2020)

  • Initial Release


As a large and established store experience different fields of customers like manufacturers, wholesaler and retailers, they expect a variety of formats to show product catalogue. For website and online store or retail store, innovative and efficient way to showcase product catalogue is an important gateway to boost sale.

SetuBridge team has developed the Magento 2 catalogue PDF print extension to offer a new view for showcasing product catalogue in the most informative way. The module offers flexibility to design and generate a PDF catalogue of all the products. This extension allows admin to attach their already made product page PDF on the website to make it easy for customers to download directly. 

The extension sets rights to admin to choose if the catalogue download feature should be visible to only specific customer group like wholesaler or retailer. Here, admin has different controls to personalise the design of product PDF layout by having custom fonts, text styling. Price, Short description, description and additional information can be configured by admin to display in PDF layout for customer. It also provides the admin with an option to show date, page number and product URL in PDF to customer.


  • A Unique & professional layout of the catalogue product PDF.
  • Allow displaying product PDF download link option for the specifically selected customer group .
  • design header and footer for the following product catalogue PDF
  • Yes/No option to display the price, description, short description & additional information of a product in the PDF.
  • Personalise appearance for title and pricing. 
  • QR code display in each catalogue PDF along with Link URL
  • Admin can decide default text styling like font family, font colour & default size for PDF catalogue
  • Display page number, date and product URL in an exported PDF catalogue thought back-end Yes/no option

General Configuration:

From the Magento 2 Extension backend, enable the Product Catalog PDF extension. Select customer group to display the PDF download link. Add custom download link title for front-end. Upload custom company’s icon for PDF frontend.

Catalog PDF Setting

Default font styling for the product PDF catalogue e.g. Color, font family & size.

Product PDF Header Settings:

Decide to configure PDF header via Yes/No option. Personalize Header font styling and size. Add text to the areas like left, right and centre as per the requirement.

PDF Content Area Settings:

Customize all text styling, price, colours and content. Choose the content descriptions or any additional content information.

PDF Footer Settings:

Design personalize footer by custom font styling. Configure the display of product URL, page number and date in the PDF catalogue.

Configure QR Code:

Choose to display website QR code and product QR code in the product PDF.

Front-end PDF Download Link:

The user gets the Download PDF button below Add to Cart button. Taping on download PDF button downloads the product catalogue along with personalized layout.
  • Q1: This extensions work with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
  • A: SetuBridge extensions work with all the plugins, as well as with many third-party plugins. We'll definitely try to help you if you face any technical issues, please create a ticket at [email protected]
  • Q2: Can I get free updates and support?
  • A: Yes, you will get 6 months of free support and 1 year of product updates with the purchase.
  • Q3: Are you able to provide installation services?
  • A: Yes, you can use the installation and configuration services that are provided with every extension purchase.
  • Q4: Is it possible to test the Product catelog pdf extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
  • A: Yes, you can switch on the production domain from your test domain after configuring all the settings.
  • Q5: Is the SetuBridge extension available to install with a one-time payment or subscription-based?
  • A: The extension is available to install & integrate with the store with a one-time payment.
  • Q6: In case I need additional features for a extension, how can I request them?
  • A: You can send an email to [email protected] with your requirements for the extension.
  • Q7: How can I get a refund?
  • A: You can read out the refund policy for more details.


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