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Out of Stock Notification Magento 2 Extension

It allows your customers to get alerts for their preferred product stocks by subscribing to it from the listing and detail pages!

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  • Guest & Registered users can subscribe for stock notification
  • Stock notification request grid for admin
  • Create a custom subscription pop-up
  • In-stock alert for the user when product available
  • Support all types of products
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Community Edition2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
Enterprise Edition2.2.x, 2.3.x

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Oct 01, 2019)

  • * Initial release

How The Out Of Stock Notification Extension Works?

The Magento 2 Stock Notification Extension displays the “Notify Me” button whenever any given product is not in stock. If the users or customers who like to get notified whenever the product is back in stock on your eCommerce store. By clicking on the “Notify me” button and subscribe by entering them email-id.

In summary, the key advantage of the “Magento 2 alert extension” is that the eCommerce store owners can invest in those products which are liked and requested on customer interest. This feature will help them understand customer behaviour better and better sales. Further, admins can also send updates and back in stock alerts to their customers manually as well as automatically.

Here is the single feature that handles this situation in a smart and engaging way! this module keeps your customers notify on back-in-stock by their subscribed products which they really desired. This is one of the most trending modules for Magento 2 ecommerce which adding an email subscription form in front-end/product page as a product back-in-stock alert. This plugin made to resolve the problem by sending an email by using the background process. hence, it turns your subscribers into a customer by email automation.


  • The Magento 2 Stock Notification alert extension works for guest users as well as those who are registered.
  • If a new request for an unavailable product is made, the extension sends the admin “Stock Notification Alert”.
  • It helps to get better insights. The admin also will be able to access all the details of customers, after once they are subscribing for a product.
  • The store’s customers will receive back in the stock notification on their email id after they subscribe to a product.
  • The pop up for Notify Me can be managed from the admin panel.
  • The customers will be able to see all the product in the “My Account” section, after subscribing through Magento stock notification.
  • The admin grid of this extension also contains a list of customers and email notifications sorted by-products.

Out of Stock Notification Extension Set up:

1. To use this module, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Out of Stock Notification Tab:
2. Check more info on extension installation instruction here.

Out of Stock Notification Extension Configuration:

General Configuration:

Here is a configuration option to Enable/Disable the product stock alert Magento 2 module. To getting started, simply choose the type of product then add a message which will be displaying as success message. Also, admin can allow verifying all user automatic or manual to send notification from the back-end.

Customize Appearance:

Customize your subscribe pop-up by button label text, popup text, effect and colour combination.

Email Options:

Enter email label and custom email template by entering comma-separated to send email to multiple users.

Subscribers Grid:

Admin can see all the users for who are subscribed for stock alert.

Report Page:

If the "Automatic Verify Enable" user will automatically be notified when product in stock. Either admin can run manually verification by clicking "Verify All" button.
User will automatically be notified when product in-stock if the "Automatic Verify Enable" is set to "Yes"
Either admin can run manually verification by clicking "Verify All" button.
User can click on subscribe button to open a stock alert pop-up.
Subscribe on email button also can have on the detail page.
User can enter email id to subscribing for a notification from listing page with success message.

If entered email id already subscribed, the user will get an error message.

Subscription List:

Subscribed product display in the customer's My Account section.
User got an email while they are subscribed for the not available product.

When the product is available in the store, the user got an email from the store admin.


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