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Call For Price Magento 2 Extension

The Magento 2 Call For Price extension is a flexible tool that gives an opportunity for the merchant to add ask/hide the price of selected products.

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  • Replace "Add to cart" with "Call To Price" button on pages
  • Set hide price to specific categories, products or customer groups
  • Reply customer’s request directly from admin panel
  • Personalize title for "call for price" button
  • Configure email notification
  • Support all types of product
  • Hide Price extension supports multi-store
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    Community Edition 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
    Enterprise Edition 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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    was $59 Special Price $19



    Version 1.0.4 CE (Apr 08, 2021)

    • * Fixed, Call for price button display issue with custom theme

    Version 1.0.3 CE (Oct 28, 2020)

    • + Magento 2.3 or 2.4 support
    • * Bug fixing and improvements

    Version 1.0.2 CE (Jul 30, 2018)

    • + Bug fixing and improvements

    Version 1.0.1 CE (Mar 16, 2018)

    • + Bug fixing and improvements

    Version 1.0.0 CE (Oct 05, 2017)

    • + Plug-in can be activate/deactivate from back-end
    • + Add a contact to action button on particular products, groups of customers, product classification or on store views
    • + Contact for product price feature can be enabled for a particular group of customers
    • + Product rate can be hidden by particular store views
    • + Encourage store visitors by call to a pricing
    • + Customer direct contact towards the merchant via a call to action button
    • + All the 'call for price' enabled product list can be managed from an admin panel
    • + Admin able to revert on a price request from back-end options
    • + Email template can be modified from a back-end
    • + It supports multi-store


    This Call for price extension is ultimately helpful for those e-Commerce store merchant, whose product has no stable prices (e.g. gold).

    Since the price doesn’t remain stable, a fixed price cant quoted for a product. A Magento 2 call for price module offers admin hide price of unstable selected products from catalogue page and enables the feature for the customer to contact admin online through the website for price.

    Eventually customer can also request for additional details along with product rate through customer contact form. The plugin adds a function for admin which hides "add to cart" button and show the custom labelled button for the call for price instead of that.

    This module sends out a notification via email when a customer makes a new request. The merchants can hide product amount and display a call to action button instead of specific products, customer groups or categories or store views. This module follows core coding which works effectively without affecting the performance of other applications.

    This module enables and establishes a direct bridge between the customer and store owner/merchant to provide products (which have a get rate button) pricing in which they have the interest to purchase.


    • The plugin can be enable/disable from admin panel.
    • Hide price for particular product pages, groups of users or categories or store view.
    • Store admin can apply call to action event on selected groups of customer.
    • Show/hide product pricing by all different store views.
    • Inspirit your customers through ask for pricing.
    • Customer able to connect with admin to getting product prices.
    • Admin able to view all the products in an admin panel which are enabled as a call to action.
    • Store admin can reply from back-end towards customers who had requested for a rate.
    • Store admin able to alter email template from backend configuration.
    • Call for pricing extension ready to using in multi-store.

    Call For Price Extension Set up:

    1. To use this module, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Call For Price Tab:
    2. Check more info on extension installation instruction here.

    Magento 2 Hide Price Extension Configuration:

    How does the Magento 2 hide price module works?:

    The store would have certain products which will display a get price call to action button instead of the stable rate.

    Here is the product detail page in which the contact acti
    The customer then clicks on the contact button and fills out the form with information like Name, Email address, Phone number and Comment.

    General configuration:

    Using call for product price amount extension tab, you can configure whether a plug-in has to be enabled or disabled. You can choose a customer group to hiding rate.
    You can also configure specific products categories for which the prices are to be hidden and also a label for the request button and heading on it.

    Email notification setting:

    You can manage email setting in terms of an email template to be used for both of requests from the customer and response from a merchant. An email address which will receive the request and which will send out

    Product based hide price-setting:

    A call to action button option can be configured for specific products

    There is also an option to include all products under a specific category.
    An admin receives a request with necessary information like Date & time, product ID, Name, SKU, Customer name, Contact detail, Store and Status.

    Respond on Request:

    An admin can then respond to request by using this backend form.
    • Q1: Can the call for price module be applied for all product at once?
    • A: Yes, this extension can be applied to the specific category product and on single as well.
    • Q2: Is it support all type of products?
    • A: This module works fine with all kind of the product types e.g. simple, configuration, downloadable, virtual & bundle.
    • Q3: Is the extension compatible with Magento 2 latest version?
    • A: The module supported till the Magento 2.x (Community & Enterprise) latest version.
    • Q4: How will customers be able to get the requested product price from the store admin?
    • A: While admin response on any request on the call for price request, the customer will get an alert via email.


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