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Customer Price Bargain Magento® 2 Extension

Customer Price Bargain Magento® 2 Extension

This tool helps customer to negotiate on the product pricing right from product details page
  • Lowest price limit can be configured
  • Customization of messages makes the customer feel more approachable
  • Requests to accept or reject the customer bargain can be configured
  • The maximum limit on the number of bargain request can be configured
  • Bargain for specific products can be configured
  • Customization of the bargain widget is possible

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Customer Price Bargain Magento 2 Extension allows to bargain on the product prices thus motivating them to make more purchases. After all, offering good customer experience is of utmost importance in the ecommerce platform. This Magento extension allows you to configure various parameters such as the lowest price limit, accept or reject message when the bargain offer is accepted or rejected, maximum limit on the number of bargain request that can be made, this makes the whole bargaining very conversational and in your best interest. This extension provides the flexibility to enable this price negotiation facility for specific products. Charity and donation feature can be added to the site so visitors can enter the amount they would like to donate. Appealing design and compatibility with most product types (simple, virtual, configurable, digital) can be leveraged by admin to attract & boost more sales to site.

Customer Price Bargain Magento 2 Extension set up:

1. 1. Install the Customer Price Bargain extension from the market place.
2.To use the extension, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Price Bargain tab:

Customer Price Bargain configuration:

General configuration: In the Customer Price Bargain tab, you can configure whether the extension has to be enabled or disabled. Also whether the bargain interface will be pop-up or a static form embedded in the product detail page.
Customer Price Bargain
Price Bargain Request setting: Here, you can set the price negotiation related settings in terms of the number of requests that can made, if this field is left blank the customer can try for unlimited number of attempts. The admin can also set messages when the price requested by the customer is accepted or rejected. An error message can also be set when the maximum attempts is exceeded.
Customer Price Bargain
Product based setting: You can fill out the specific product information for which you want the bargaining functionality and also set the related information in terms of the product price, tax class, quantity, stock status, weight, categories and visibility.
Customer Price Bargain
You can also set the minimum price limit for the product.
Customer Price Bargain
How does it work? The bargain interface will be pop-up in the product detail page.
Customer Price Bargain
When the customer sends out price bargain request several times and exceeds the limit set, an error message is sent out.
Customer Price Bargain
The customer first sends the request for the price bargain. If the price requested is too low, a message is sent back to the customer.
Customer Price Bargain
An error message is also displayed when the customer enters price greater than the required amount.
Customer Price Bargain
A Success message is also displayed if the price bargain is accepted.
Customer Price Bargain
The Shopping cart will get generated based on the price accepted.
Customer Price Bargain


Version 1.0.1 CE (Released on Mar 16, 2018)

  • + Added configurable product type support
  • * Fix bug which allows customer to manipulate price through browser console
  • * Added feature to display bargain widget as popup on product page
  • * Code Updates ​& improvements

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Apr 22, 2017)

  • + Configuration to identify lowest price limit
  • + User friendly messages for each product in variety of ways
  • + Configuration to accept or rejects bargain request from customer instantly
  • + Allows admin to set number of bargain requests

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  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    It will give customers to much more broader space to do what they want to do then this is the perfect solution to give them the authority to negotiate the prices, offers etc.

    - Sol Gonzalez

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    Extension is good.

    - Kevin

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