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We have a bunch of Magento 2 extensions that are reducing space between functionality & compatibility for Magento 2 Store. With the decade of experience, we have built high-quality extensions that can help Magento based e-commerce store to enhance Marketing & promotion, Catalog management, security, checkout processing etc. While developing Magento extensions, the team takes an extra step to match all coding practices & quality standards.

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Why Magento 2 Extensions?

To add custom features in your Magento store which isn't available in default Magento features, you need to integrate Magento add-ons. Installing Magento extensions fulfills your requirements to grow up your Magento store to the next level.


Hyva theme extensions Magento 2

Hyva theme extension for Magento2 is the extension that is entirely compatible with your brand-new Hyva Storefront.  With the help of this Hyva theme-compatible extension, you can enhance the customer experience. SetuBridge offers you the best add-ons and tools for a Magento eCommerce storefront.

To find out the All Hyva theme extensions Click Here ,


Why should you trust us?

We design plugins considering the problems of Magento store merchants. We study the market, analyze all aspects of requirements and deliver them.

SetuBridge’s Magento 2 extensions enhance user experiences and increase conversion rates. Our extensions possess the qualities to attract visitors, turn them into customers, and add them to the group of loyal customers.


SetuBridge Technolabs: Magento 2 One-step solution

All of our Best Magento 2 extensions hold one basic quality and that’s an easy and smooth setup. To ensure this, we provide free installation service to our customers. If the plugin is installed right and optimized correctly, it does wonders for online Magento stores by increasing conversion rates by 50%.

To connect better and understand requirements clearly, we also offer FREE LIVE DEMO for all Magento 2 extensions. Our developers integrate the present extension with the custom features and fulfill the stated requirements.