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Estimated Delivery Date Magento 2 Extension

The Magento 2 Estimated Delivery Date module enhances customer’s shopping urgency by providing Delivery information on the products.

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  • Manage date format & display position
  • Set weekend days for not receiving their order
  • Minimum to Maximum lead days to set delivery date range
  • Adjust cut-off time
  • Delivery message design customization
  • 5+ Ready-to-use templates available for delivery message
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Community Edition 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.5.x
Enterprise Edition 2.1.x



Version 1.0.0 CE (Apr 29, 2021)

  • Initial Release

How Delivery Date Helps you to improve magento 2 product page?

An Estimated Delivery date Extension is the way to ensure an outstanding shopping experience that allows admin to establish & personalize their lead times for each of the products available on the eCommerce store.

This extension is entirely customizable where the admin can change date format settings, delivery date message, and customize the delivery message or insert the image/ widget/variables. There are different types of ready-to-use templates available. Besides, the admin can also set a cut-off time. Moreover, this Extension enhances your customer's trust in displaying a Delivery Date on your eCommerce store.

Date format & Display position: If the admin wants to change the settings of how to display the date in different formats and where to show delivery date, options are available for changing the date format, and where to display the date is also available.

Weekend days: In this feature admin can select days for not delivering the products on that days and the system will automatically detect ahead date. 

Delivery Message Settings: How admin wants to display the date in message, first is the dynamic date, and second is the dynamic range. In the dynamic date, the admin can set from 'n' numbers of dates for the delivery & dynamic range, the admin needs to select minimum to maximum days that customers will receive their products in this many days.

Cut-off time: This extension provides a feature of cut-off time where the admin can set the cut-off time if he/she wants it. It is the settings of the time that when the admin wants to change the day timing for the customers and it automatically adjust the date. 

Customize delivery message:  This feature displays a delivery message on the product page and customizes a message or inserts the image/widget/variables in the backend.

Templates: Six different types of ready-to-use templates are given in this delivery date extension.

Extension Set-up:

1. To use this module, Go to Store > Configuration > SetuBridge > Estimated Delivery Date
2. Check more info on Extension Installation instruction here.

General Configurations:

Front-end view of delivery date/range message.
An admin operating this extension can either enable/disable delivery message from the configuration page.

Date format settings: Admin can change the date format right in the backend.
Display position: Allows admin to manage where to show the Delivery Date on the product page.

Weekend days: Admin can select weekend days that when the customers are not going to receive their delivery.
Admin can set a delivery date by its conveniences like a dynamic date that can be up to ‘n’ number of days or dynamic range that allows setting for a min to max days.

Cut-off time: Depending on working time, admin can also Allow/disallow to select a time where your delivery date will be counted.
Message text: Admin can change specific Delivery Date message here and can insert image/widget/variables.
Template Selection: Admin can select ready-to-use templates for displaying the delivery date.


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