Progressive Web Apps Magento® 2 Extension

The Progressive Web Application (PWA) Magento 2 module utilizes a power of browsers to deliver an experience of that of a mobile application!

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Community Edition
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
  • Using this extension will make the PWA installable on a user’s phone itself. They can add it to the home screen.
  • Engage with your customers continuously by sending them Push Notifications from itself, even when a browser is closed.
  • To provide your customers with a truly app-like experience, they can set a PWA to a full screen mode or standalone mode.
  • The background for a splash screen can also be configured on backend.
  • The Progressive Web Application Magento 2 extension also comes with an App Manifest Configuration, a basic requirement for any site to be fulfilled as a PWA.
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Community Edition
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
was $99 Special Price $59
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Due to the wide reach of smartphones, organizations continuously roll out more and more applications in order to reach out to as many customers as possible. As eCommerce becomes popular, companies are investing heavily to ensure a smooth experience for customers. Over time, there has been a behaviour observed among customers that they avoid downloading applications primarily due to a lack of space on their phones. This leads to a loss of revenue for brands, and sales go down.

To address this problem, SetuBridge has come up with a game changer, Integrate the Progressive Web Application  Magento 2 Extension to your eCommerce store. Using this technology, you will be able to deliver a mobile application like experience to your customers using an immense capability of your web browser. A Progressive Web Applications goes beyond a traditional web application and has user-cool features like sending push notifications through the browser itself. This takes away the barriers associated with your average mobile applications. We, at SetuBridge, take care of your headaches with integrating this simple PWA for Magento 2 which is laden with various features that will simplify the operations of your eCommerce Venture.


  • A Progressive Web Application (PWAs) launches in absence of low speed or no internet at all.
  • This technology nullifies a need for a Play Store or an App Store to physically download an application in a customer’s phone.
  • The admin panel is in charge of a look and feel of an entire application.
  • Once a user sets display mode to full screen or standalone mode, a user will experience app like interaction.
  • A PWA is installable on a phone as an app icon can be saved to your home page.
  • The Splash screen appears when a user opens their phone.
  • Further, an admin can also send notifications to the customers from time to time.

Once the user installs a Lighthouse extension, it will help you increase a PWA score, on the light speed tool launched by Google that validates this metric. Further, it is necessary for the site to be faster in order to obtain a good score on this tool. The Light speed add-on can be installed on chrome to check your PWA Score. Lastly, please go through this checklist provided by Google which must be adhered to in order to be eligible as a PWA.

Note: This isn't a solution for headless PWA because headless approach requires creating a bespoke theme with help of any JavaScript technology like react or angular or vue.js.

Progressive Web Apps Magento 2 Extension Set up:

1. Install the module from SetuBridge Store.
2. For using Magento PWA extension, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE >Progressive Web Apps Tab.

Extension Configuration:

General Configuration: Once you install the plug-in, the configuration procedure is extremely simple. It can be carried out right from a backend. According to the needs of an organization, an admin can select application name, Theme colour, Splash Screen, Display Type, Screen orientation etc by using given configurations.
Offline Mode Settings: The offline mode on this extension can be enabled or disabled in accordance with the given configuration. In case, offline mode is selected an admin can set a CMS page to for the offline mode. One can add a Firebase Script, Server key, and Messaging Sender ID generated by your firebase account.
Manage Push Notifications: A Progressive Web Application supports sending push notifications to your customers. Admin can send multiple push notifications at a time and generate them using the given configurations.
Create Push Notification: Admin can generate push notification by using given configurations.
While using the web app on the browser, the user will get a notification to download the application on their home screen.
Spash Screen: Once downloaded, the user will get a splash screen with the company logo and name, and will be able to get push notifications.
Mobile Notification: Users will get notifications of promotions and offers.
Desktop notifications: The users will also receive notifications on the desktop site.


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Change Log

  • Support offline mode, admin can choose offline page
  • + Launches without an internet or low-quality internet
  • + Works lightning fast if compared to a website
  • + Admin can enter an application name
  • + Admin can set the splash background color of the PWAs.
  • + Admin can send multiple notifications at a time
  • + Works completely responsive on all the platforms
  • + Admin can upload and change an application icon
  • + Admin can set the theme color of the PWAs