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Progressive Web Apps Magento Extension

Magento PWA Extension (webapp builder studio) help for building a modern web app experience by using Google PWAs new standards.

  • Helps in increasing PWA score with Lighthouse
  • Installable PWA by activating Add to Home screen popup
  • Integrate web push notifications
  • Enable app-like experience with full screen or standalone mode
  • Allow configuring App Manifest to comply with PWA standards
  • Personalize splash screen background
  • PWA event tracking with Google Analytic
  • Supports Magento multi-store
  • Coming Soon: Interactive event tracking dashboard
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was $99 Special Price $59
Community Edition 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
was $99 Special Price $59
was $99 Special Price $59



Version 1.0.2 CE (June 28, 2021)

  • Added Multistore Support

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Jan 11, 2018)

  • Offline mode support, offline page select & configuration
  • + Launches without the internet or low-quality internet
  • + Works faster than mobile websites
  • + Progressive Web application name can change
  • + Changeable PWA’s splash background-color
  • + Multiple push notification can send by admin at a time
  • + Default responsive behavior for all mobile devices
  • + Web application icon change configuration available
  • + Configurable theme colors for your Magento PWA


Progressive Web Apps is the trending mobile browsing method which able to merge mobile web browsing and a mobile app together. In order, Google's PWA Studio is a replacement of a responsive website. The Progressive Web App Extension is basic Magento PWA which will offer lighting fast web application without downloading a mobile app. More hassle-free checkout & shopping experience and better customer engagement opt-in push message or notifications to the e-commerce merchants. Whenever any user visits your site the first time, they are invited & able to use progressive web application by clicking “Add to home screen” button. – Once clicked, no installation.

Magento1 Progressive web app module gives the best user experience instead of accelerated pages and mobile responsive websites; not only based on UI, but it also better browsing at low internet speed, push notification, instant web application accessible on the home screen and much more. Furthermore, while the customer browses your website that behaves & flows like a mobile application without downloading it. On the result, Magento PWA integration will be getting better customer engagement, more traffic reach, better conversation ratio and higher your sales volume through your website.



  • Our Magento PWA supports offline mode
  • offline pages are configurable for PWA Magento by the store admin
  • Store admin can also be set application's default name
  • The opening splash screen background colour of PWAs can be configured.
  • Your web application icon also can be set manually
  • Theme colours configurations option for your PWA
  • The users are able to open the web app on slow internet or without internet access
  • Lightening faster than mobile responsive websites
  • Create & submitting push notifications by the store admin
  • Default responsive behaviour for all mobile devices
  • Basic PWA studio functionality for Magento 1 store
  • App manifest configurations, which fulfil a basic requirement for making any site as a PWA.

Note: This is the most important thing that your website must certify with secure connection SSL or TLS certificate (being HTTPs). Check your PWA compatible test through Google Lighthouse tool.

Progressive Web Apps Extension Setup:

Easy to configure & Activate Progressive Webapp studio Module from a backend, to use this Progressive Web App you have to Go to SETUBRIDGE > PWA Settings Tab:

Extension Configuration:


Here, you can configure PWAs by back-end’s Enable/Disable option. Admin can manager Web Application Name, Splash Screen Color, Theme Color, Display Type, Screen orientation & more by using available back-end options.
Offline Page is managed from given configurations, here is an option to enable/Disable offline mode and admin can set CMS page to be shown in offline mode. Get and add Firebase Script, Server Key, Messaging Sender Id generated by your firebase account.
Progressive Web Applications supports push notification. Admin can also send multiple notifications at a time.
The Progressive Web Applications module supports push notification. Also, admin can send multiple notifications at a time
Admin can create and send push notification by using available configurations.
The user will get a notification to add an app to their device home screen.
Promotions & offers notification displaying on user’s device
Users will also get desktop notifications of promotions and offers.


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