Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification Extension

Magento 2 WhatsApp order notification extension is a beneficial tool to send alerts about different store events on customer WhatsApp number.

  • Integrated Twilio WhatsApp API
  • Auto send WhatsApp order notification to customer & admin
  • Create & send Dynamic WhatsApp message using variables
  • Multiple ready to use Notification templates
  • A detailed list of sent WhatsApp notifications
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Community Edition2.3.x, 2.4.x
Enterprise Edition2.3.x, 2.4.x
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was $59 Special Price $39

Subscription Details

Version 1.0.1 CE (Mar 11, 2024)

  • Added Hyva compatibility
  • + Magento 2.4.X Compatible

Version 1.0.0 CE (May 05, 2020)

  • Initial Release

HOW Magento 2 whatsapp order notification extension will help?

Communication is a crucial medium for a business entity to edge over a competitor. Innovative merchant customer communication strategies with the advancing technology keep the track of sale graph upward. Tacts that are cost-effective as well as stands no change to get missed or ignored by the customer are the one that creates a great firm bond.

One of the best strategies is to use WhatsApp alert notification using customer’s WhatsApp contact detail as its stand rare chance to miss SMS alert notification bar on the mobile screen.

We at SetuBridge has developed a great tool to help ecommerce merchants to set up automation to send alerts directly on customers WhatsApp number. This Magento order status notification tool supports major events like new order placement, invoice, shipment, credit memo, customer registration, contact inquiry etc.

Magento 2 Whatsapp Order Notification Twilio Integration

It also allows admin to receive the same order notification on WhatsApp. The module is compatible with Twilio WhatsApp API to send order notifications to customers.

It's extremely flexible for the admin to configure & manage different message notifications content directly from the admin panel. It's easy to create separate templates for each event & attach them with that. The extension makes it easy to inject different dynamic variables from order, customer, ordered item, contact field in the message template.

Magento 2 whatsapp order notification extension features

  • Enable/disable the option to personalize order notification.
  • Instant alert notification for store events like New Orders, invoice, Credit memo (Refund Order), customer registration, customer inquiry, shipment/order shipping etc.
  • Admin gets the same alert notification to follow up on the progress.
  • Easily customized template for each event.
  • Customize message notification alert from the backend.

Whatsapp order notification configuration:

General Configuration:

An admin operates the WhatsApp order notifications by enabling them from the configuration page. For, WhatsApp gateway integration configuration, the admin can choose a supported gateway. For complete configuration select

Configure different order notification for Magento 2:

Admin can use the default template or can customize template content for each store events. Additionally, admin can enable or disable the various event notifications.

Registration Notification:

When a user makes a registration, configure to send the registration notification across the registered WhatsApp number.

Customer Inquiry Notification

Admin can configure to get customer inquiry notification on the contact number mentioned in the backend.

Create Templates

Create a WhatsApp alert template can be customized using variables library.
  • Q1: Why does it show "[HTTP 400] Unable to create a record" in reason?
  • A: This kind of error occurs from the Twillio configurations side. For errors related to "[HTTP 400] Unable to create a record," please check out HERE.
  • Q2: This whatsapp order extensions work with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
  • A: SetuBridge extensions work with all the plugins, as well as with many third-party plugins. We'll definitely try to help you if you face any technical issues, please create a ticket at
  • Q3: Can I get free updates and support?
  • A: Yes, you will get 6 months of free support and 1 year of product updates with the purchase.
  • Q4: Are you able to provide installation services?
  • A: Yes, you can use the installation and configuration services that are provided with every extension purchase.
  • Q5: Is it possible to test the extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
  • A: Yes, you can switch on the production domain from your test domain after configuring all the settings.
  • Q6: Is the SetuBridge extension available to install with a one-time payment or subscription-based?
  • A: The extension is available to install & integrate with the store with a one-time payment.
  • Q7: In case I need additional features for a extension, how can I request them?
  • A: You can send an email to with your requirements for the extension.
  • Q8: How can I get a refund?
  • A: You can read out the refund policy for more details.


  1. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Perfect tool

    Mar 02,2022

    A great and very useful tool. It would be great if the status of the order could be sent to WhatsApp. Easy to use and definitely recommend to others, thanks.
  2. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Good support and a valuable tool.

    Jan 04,2022

    Our SMS gateway did not work after installing the tool. (Somehow, our download files did not contain information about our gateway.) With good support, we were able to resolve the issue.
  3. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    NIce one

    Dec 09,2021

    From the design, features, and customer support, everything about this extension is unique, so you won't have any regrets. As described, it works.
  4. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Excellent support

    Nov 05,2021

    Due to a lot of problems, I ended up not using the platform. Even though the support team was slow to respond, they were able to solve the issue, but I already had another option available to me.
  5. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    It was an excellent addition

    Oct 15,2021

    I highly recommend it to those who want to manage orders! I had trouble configuring it, and they helped me resolve it step by step. Easy to use, to configure, I'm very happy
  6. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Good service

    Jul 14,2021

    Very good customer service! Resolving a technical challenge in less than 4 days, saving our business more money than the plugin cost. Well worth it! Thanks, guys.
  7. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Great extension with service!!

    May 03,2021

    Adding this feature to my store has improved my send messages to my customers. Setubridge developers have supported me with the extension.
  8. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Good one!!

    Mar 18,2021

    User-friendly superb!! Extension superb!! Team support superb!! :)
  9. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Friendly service!!

    Feb 24,2021

    Good at User experience!! Different types of order notifications and different templates are given by the company. Impressed by the work.
  10. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Wonderful Expereince

    Dec 04,2020

    The M2 WhatsApp order notification extension is useful to send notifications about different store events on customer WhatsApp number. Team support is excellent!
  11. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Impressive tool!

    Oct 07,2020

    We have selected this design plugin for our project because of the unique and powerful features that it offers for the customers. We are very impressed with the company from start to finish and planning to realize more projects using their handy tools.
  12. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Easy set-up !!

    Sep 04,2020

    This WhatsApp order notification M2 Extension is easy to integrate and set up. I have faced no issues with the extension installation. The support desk is instant and very professional. Thank you, SetuBridge team!!
  13. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Good features!!

    May 13,2020

    Helpful to improve customer experience !! various order notifications can be easily configured by having these WhatsApp Order Notifications... I can configure which features I want to add according to my needs.
  14. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Perfect module

    Nov 30,-0001

    Superb features that make a direct connection between merchants and users. This feature helped me to get an order in my store. Worthy Extension.
  15. Extension Working
    Developer Support
    Good Features!!

    Nov 30,-0001

    Helpful to get a connection between buyer and seller. Templates are also available and they are really good and I can set how I want to set this up.
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