Out of Stock Notification Magento Extension

A stock alert notification module provides an option for customers to enable or subscribe to product stock alert directly from the listing page & detail page.

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  • Guest and registered users are able to subscribing stock's notification
  • View all subscribers & its status (notified or not) in admin page
  • Register users also get notified by an email when stocks-in products
  • Supports all type of products e.g. simple product, configurable product
  • Subscribe pop-up customization options
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Version 1.0.1 CE (Released on Apr 13, 2018)

  • * Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Oct 04, 2017)

  • + All users (registered & guest user) can enable the stock alert
  • + Admin get notifying for the new requests
  • + All subscribers & products list are included in an admin page
  • + When a subscription request is raising 10 times for any product by visitors, an admin will get an email notification
  • + To enable notification, a user can enter an email in a pop-up
  • + In-stock email notification
  • + An email pop-up can be managed from back-end configuration
  • + In My account page customer can view all product which they are enables to get notified
  • + All the notifications requests list available at customer account page
  • + All the list of customer & product alert list are available on the admin grid


The stock notification Magento1 module perform with the "Notify Me" button alternatively to the product which has been denoted with "out of stock" in your store when products not in-stock. The store visitors can enable notifications on email if they are interested and want to purchase unavailable products. To using "Notify me" button will add a user's email for stock alerts notifications & send them to email notifications when the product becomes in-stock on your e-commerce store. With unique request reports feature of this module, It sends top unavailable product's request to a store admin, which did help from them an interest in their inventory based on customer interest. The store admin can also select an option to notify customers for the "In-stock updates" through automatically or manually.
The extension also sends emails report to store admin with the out-stock product's content & the list of request raised by store visitors. It helps to improve sales by filter users based on interest & doing inventory management in a great way.

Basically, a futuristic module improves sales by notifying your customer with them interest on availability continually updating your customers with stock availability on a store.


  • Notification enable features for both users (guest and registered user)
  • Admin get also notified for a new request of unavailable products
  • On the admin side, shows all are details for alert subscription (subscriber's status & list)
  • If 10 times request raising for the same one, an admin will get notified by email notification.
  • Store's visitors are getting notified in-stock alerts for unavailable products by entering an email address.
  • Users are getting a notification when products are back in-stock in store.
  • "Notify me" pop-up can be controlled from back-end configurations.
  • The users can see a list which they have been subscribed to get products alert.
  • On My account page, a customer can view list for in-stock products alerts which they have created.
  • A list of customers & email notifications by-products etc. these all information is contained in an admin grid.

Extension Set up:

1. Install the extension from the marketplace.
2. To use the module, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Out of Stock Notification tab:

Extension Configuration:

General configuration: Here is a configuration option to Enable/Disable the plug-in. Choose the type of product to add to notify. Write notify content & select to automatic or manually verify user notification.
Appearance setting: Entre Button label text, popup text, effect and color combination. Entre mail label and custom email templates. Enter comma separated to send multiple user to mail.
View Subscribers: View to list of out-stock product subscribed by the user. Subscribed user to notify status if products are in stock.
Notification's Report: Out-stock product alert report to view list of product subscribed user and waiting for user count.
Subsriber/User list: Product page out of product subscribed by the user list. Subscribed user to notify status if the product back in stock.
Enter email id to the subscribed user.
Click on the button and subscribed or mail to out-stock product notification.
My account page: Subscribed product display in the customer account section.


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