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ShipStation SyncPlus Magento Extension

The ShipStation Syncplus is an immense inventory management extension will automatically sync all your orders to Magento from ShipStation.

  • Auto-sync all orders to Magento from ShipStation
  • Map specific ShipStation warehouse to determined store
  • To sync manually just enter ShipStation order number
  • Create customer automatically based on ShipStation Order Address
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Community Edition 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x



Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Jun 16, 2016)

  • + All the order request are sync through Magento to ShipStation automatically.
  • + Map explicit ShipStation distribution centre to decided store.
  • + With entering ShipStation order number, can sync order manually.
  • + Allows administrator to Create Customer consequently with the dependent on ShipStation Order Address.


Let’s stop entering orders manually! A Shipstation Syncplus module will automatically sync all your orders to Magento from shipstation.

The extension designed for extremely fast performance for inventory management, it consists dashboard order sync chart to Display the total number of orders data results i.e failed/success. Shows two variations of charts one for last 7 days and other or last 24 hours. The most updated data on ShipStation will automatically be updated on a store.

ShipStation Orders display total order records. If the order fails to sync it displays error in order table. You can sync order again with the help of resync button.

To Integrating this extension will provides one of the excellent facility of mapping specific warehouse to determined your store if you don’t want to map any store all your orders will be mapped to the default store. We’ve made it extremely easy!

If you prefer to sync your order manually just enter your ShipStation order number in the given field and click the sync button to start.

A Backend configuration option lets you Enable/disable the module. In Extension Order Settings you can able to sync cancelled order just, select yes in Magento admin configuration. The extension provides an option that lets you generate an invoice after order created.

ShipStation Syncplus extension allows you to Create Customer automatically with the based on ShipStation Order Address if customer not exists for the created order.

A useful option to sync old orders. You can able to skip order sync when product does not exist in your store. In case if you want to sync this type of order product will be automatically created, you need to only specify inventory for create product. You can able to unmap ShipStation store order that are Assigned to default store.


  • Follow all Magento coding standards for extension development
  • A complete upgrade safe solution


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ShipStation SyncPlus Magento® Extension Set up:

1. Install the extension from the market place.

Extension Configuration:

Dashboard: Order sync Process chart for last 7 and 24 hours
Store Mapping: Shipstation stores and Magento stores.
Shipstation stores mapping is successfully done or Unmapped store
Enter Shipstation order number and click on "SYNC" button for manually sync order
ShipStation Orders: Shipstation Orders manage Manual or Automatic sync mode. Resync if an error in order sync.
Sync Express Click on this button to sync all old orders
Sync Express Click on this button to restart the process
Sync Completed
Configure ShipStation API Credential


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