Auto SEO Interlinking Magento Extension

An SEO Interlinking Magento extension is a magical tool to help to add automatically internal linking through keywords & phrases on pages.

  • Easy to manage all interlinking keywords & URL from the backend
  • Keyword replacement filter for product, category & CMS pages
  • Maximum replacement count setting for each page and keyword
  • Mass keyword import CSV feature
  • Export interlinking keywords using mass editing action
  • Help to increase Page Rank & SERP
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Community Edition1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

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Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Aug 03, 2018)

  • + Manage Auto Interlinking keywords & URLs from backend
  • + Keyword Replacement activation filter for product pages, category pages & CMS pages
  • + Max Replacement Count setting for each page & keyword
  • + Mass Keywords import can be done via CSV
  • + Export Interlinking Keywords can be used with mass editing action


Why SEO Interlinking?

Googles use links to find out what content on your site is related and what the value of that content is interlinking to pages increase website page rank & helps to attract the user with connected pages. As per SEO Experts, interlinking helps setting better website navigation.

Don't know how to implement with Magento?

Don't worry!! Our Automatic Interlinking extension allows you to create keywords & Link URL to be replaced our product pages & you are done. This extension, auto-detects keywords from the product or CMS pages & replace it with target URL. Our extension, configuration area you can choose if this interlinking operation should take place on the product page, category page and/or CMS pages.

Cross-Linking algorithm searches through predefined content blocks listed as below:

  • Product Description
  • Product Short description
  • Product Specification Attributes
  • Category Description
  • CMS/product pages content

Magento Cross-linking Extension Set up:

1. Install the Auto Interlinking Products from the marketplace. Check more info on extension installation instructions here.
2. To use the module, go to System> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Auto Interlinking Tab:


Auto Interlinking Products Extension Configuration:

General configuration: Allows admin to enable/disable internal linking extension working with one click configuration.
Adding Magento interlinks: This screen allows admin to add new interal linking keywords. Page has few configurations where to link keyword, should open in new window or not, max keyword replacement count on each page etc. You can make a decision if
Interlink Keywords Dashboard: The Magento internal linking extension creates admin friendly grid showing all necessary columns to keep watch on every important aspect of cross-linking keywords. More on this, you can quickly edit some of the informa
  • Q1: This extensions work with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
  • A: SetuBridge extensions work with all the plugins, as well as with many third-party plugins. We'll definitely try to help you if you face any technical issues, please create a ticket at
  • Q2: Can I get free updates and support?
  • A: Yes, you will get 6 months of free support and 1 year of product updates with the purchase.
  • Q3: Are you able to provide installation services?
  • A: Yes, you can use the installation and configuration services that are provided with every extension purchase.
  • Q4: Is it possible to test the extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
  • A: Yes, you can switch on the production domain from your test domain after configuring all the settings.
  • Q5: Is the SetuBridge extension available to install with a one-time payment or subscription-based?
  • A: The extension is available to install & integrate with the store with a one-time payment.
  • Q6: In case I need additional features for a extension, how can I request them?
  • A: You can send an email to with your requirements for the extension.
  • Q7: How can I get a refund?
  • A: You can read out the refund policy for more details.


  1. Good for SEO

    Feb 13,2020

    Improve user engagement and real time saver. So far, so good!!
  2. super helpful

    Dec 09,2019

    Good extension. Installation is easy for a non-tech person. Enhance the SEO value of my online market.
  3. Works great for ranking!!

    Oct 31,2019

    Amazing extension that reduced my works. Thumbs up!
  4. very easy to use

    Jun 23,2019

    saves time & increases our store rankings.
  5. Good extension, Easy to setup!!

    Feb 21,2019

    Easy to use, quick to install and does exactly what it says.
  6. Works as described

    Dec 09,2018

    It helps our SEO a lot and more functions would be appreciated.
  7. nice for SEO

    Sep 06,2018

    With this extension, we can massively improve our internal links. It just works out of the box and is very easy to use.
  8. Excellent!

    Aug 31,2018

    nice one
  9. I love it

    Aug 28,2018

    Es una gran extensión para la construcción de enlaces SEO. Estoy muy satisfecho con el soporte técnico. Son geniales, resuelven rápidamente mis problemas.
  10. Awesome SEO module that helps get pages through.

    Aug 13,2018

    Our footwear store is not yet online, but we are still ranking up on search indexes. Really amazing and seamless installation. Support is also mind-blowing
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