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GDPR Compliance Magento 2 Extension

The Magento 2 GDPR Extension provides complete required tool-set to help merchants to comply securely their store or website with the latest GDPR regulations (It is must after May 25th, 2018).

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  • Ensures EU’s GDPR comply
  • Activate & personalize GDPR cookie consent
  • Delete account option for customer
  • Download/erase data on account page
  • Manage Privacy consent (upto 3) for admin
  • Customer consent tracking grids
  • Email verification to protect for data theft
  • Configure auto erase unwanted data
  • Set data handling request (by admin, by customer or auto)
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Community Edition 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Enterprise Edition 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
was $199 Special Price $99
was $199 Special Price $99



Version 1.0.2 CE (Feb 16, 2021)

  • * Fixed GDPR popup issue on checkout page

Version 1.0.1 CE (Aug 17, 2018)

  • * Bug Fixes & Improvement
  • + Enterprise Edition Compatibility

Version 1.0.0 CE (Jun 23, 2018)

  • + Core GDPR rules follows for delete-anonymize-export personal data can be managed from 'My Account > Manage Account'
  • + To avoid data theft & fraudulent actions, there are Admin Moderation and Email Verification gate on handle request made by the customer.
  • + Privacy Consent will be mentioned and show up on a register and checkout. It will also be updated on the Account > Privacy setting page.
  • + Customer Consent Grids to tracking for all accepted assent & till which are not accepted the notice.
  • + A cookie compliant notice pop-up can be customized with a top & bottom position of your web-page.
  • + Admin configuration for auto-deletion of unwanted data like an abandoned cart.
  • + Privacy Policy management enables max. 3 number of request which might appear on a register, checkout or any other page where applicable. all policies will be included on a privacy page.
  • + Consent Reset when policy update & added 2 new grid for consent visibility
  • + Popup appearing when customer get the login for update consent


EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is serious stuff that needs to be looked at by every company selling online. Merchants can't ignore this due to the fact that they're high on Penalties for breaching. With our Magento 2 GDPR tool, you to comply with various Checklist of EU’s GDPR for Magento 2 store.

This GDPR module opens customers to access their right to control, delete, access to their personal data. At the same time, It allows merchants to manage their privacy policy consent & requests privacy consent from users.

Manage Account with (Delete, Download & Erase action)

Admin can configure each of these request processing immediately, awaiting admin approval or auto-mode.

Delete Account:

According to the GDPR regulation, a user should have an option to delete an account permanently. This Magento 2 GDPR compliant plugin empowers users to delete an account from the new “My Account > Manage Account” page. Is sent out the requested email & ensures action to authorized user only? this kind of request is securely handled by this plugin.

Download Personal Data:

This extension fulfils the website or store with an EU’s “right to access” rule. The users can request for data download on the “My Account > Manage Account page”. This will export all user’s own personal info, sales history, invoicing etc. into the CSV format. Once the download is ready, a downloadable attachment link will be sent to the user’s verified email address.

Erase/Anonymize Account Data:

To comply with erase data action, this Magento2 plugin adds an option to erase/anonymise user data. With these rights, they can replace customer personal data, sales history with placeholder text in the database which hides customer's information.

Each of these data-related requests (delete, erase & download) allows 3 modes of servicing enhancing flexibility and security:

  • By Customer
  • Auto
  • By Admin

By Customer mode, the email will be received by the users on their requests for taking an action e.g. to delete or access their data

With the Auto mode, whenever a request raised & completes the email verification by the customer. All received requests will then be automatically fulfilled on based of cron set by the admin. After all, the email will be sent to the relevant customers, using an email user can take control for account data actions.

In By Admin mode, when a request raised by the user, the admin receives all request on his dashboard and when the admin approves the request then a mail is sent out to the customer who then takes relevant action to complete their request. This method is used to ensure more security.

Privacy Consent Management

A GDPR compliant plug-in for Magento 2 also sets cron job for automatically truncate abandoned carts from the quote table repeatedly. The admin can set this frequency on the backend via cron settings.

EU regulation includes, customer privacy consent should be asked before accessing their personal information. Also, it should be clear with privacy document that when & where your information going to be used. The admin can integrate upto 3 consents. If the users haven’t accepted consents it will appear on the registration page and/or checkout page. A user can anytime update this consent value by going into a dedicated Privacy Policy page in "My Account" area.

Admin will be presented with 2 separate user consents grids loading users who accepted consents & customers pending privacy consents. Admin can reset previously recorded users consent to run through new privacy terms. The customer then has to give their consents again with new privacy updates.

Magento 2 GDPR Cookie Consents

Our Magento plugin enables cookie consent with a customized popup at the top or bottom of the screen to the user.

Important notice: This extension designed to the best of our knowledge and understanding of the EU’s GDPR rule. It will surely help eCommerce merchants to ready their store or website with this compliance. However, please consult your lawyer to confirm compliance accordingly.

GDPR Compliance Extension Set up:

1. To use this extension, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > GDPR Compliance Tab:
2. Check more info on extension installation instruction here.

Extension Configuration:

Magento 2 GDPR Cookie Consent configuration:

This section enables cookie consent settings with regards to the cookie information and also positioning of cookie consent request.

Privacy Consent configuration:

This section enables you to add consent request for the store along with a description of the privacy policy.

Download Account Data Configuration:

This configuration helps you allow customers to download their personal data. You can select whether a request is to be handled in the auto, by customers or by admin mode. You can also set alerts related setti

Erase Anonymous Personal Data Configuration:

Anonymise your customer's data by configuring erase data configuration. same as above here all modes are available to handle the request. Also, an alert can be sent for the current action.

Delete Account Configuration:

Allow your customer to delete their data completely after account deletion. this action also available on three-mode (by admin, by customer & auto mode). Admin can send the notification with an email for this action

Cron Setting Configuration:

These configurations handle the cron, which has the power to take automatic action on user’s requests e.g. download or erase data requests.

Erase Unwanted Data Configuration:

There are some unw
The Privacy Setting can be configured by customers using the privacy settings tab.

How to use the GDPR module:

Access the Manage Account tab which displays request Type and click on appropriate request.
A request received can be tracked through an admin panel. Depending on a mode selected during setting the admin might have approved request. A notification will then be sent to a customer.


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