Gift Cards Magento® 2 Extension

Magento Gift Card Extension is a creative tool that allows customers to buy gift vouchers which can be sent to their friends, relative or can be bought for their own use.

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  • 3 different types of gift vouchers can be created via. email, printed and offline
  • Email or printable format of the certificate can be received
  • Bulk Gift voucher codes can be generated
  • Flexible price settings i.e. fixed, dropdown option, custom price
  • Expiration date for the voucher can be set
  • Custom message on the gift card can be written
  • Minimum/ Maximum price values for the gift voucher can be set
  • Gift voucher status can be changed
  • Manually adding/editing of gift vouchers
  • Activating/deactivating the voucher status
  • Gift coupon is sent to the recipient instantly
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The Magento Gift card extension will be a really useful module of your e-commerce store, when you want to sell gift cards on your store which can easily be bought by customers to send a gift to their family, friends either as a corporate gift or prizes. Who wants to reduce their online shopping browsing time & avoid to get stuck with the bad choice, Gift cards are a pleasant surprising tool for those customers. Through the gift card, the buyers can choose the value of gift card from the drop-down or fill-in a custom amount within the pre-set price range & quickly send the gift voucher to right person which recipients can redeem as discount while making the purchase from your site. E-Gifting feature can surely be sales boosting component during a holiday-festival season.

The Magento 2 Gift Card extension comes with 3 types of gift voucher namely Email, Printable & offline. Each gift type caters to different ways of sending gift cards. Our Magento Gift card plugin brings a lot of flexibility in terms of gift amounts, delivery options; easy redeem option, tracking etc. Once the customer buys the gift certificate, a unique code with special greeting message will be sent to a recipient. Our Magento 2 extension works with registered customers as well as guest customers when redeeming the gift voucher.

The Magento 2 Gift Card is ready with various features that allow for creating & selling different gift voucher with custom control templates, gift voucher prices, the starting-ending date for the voucher and many more. The store admin gets a flexibility to set a gift’s price with 3 options: fixed, price dropdown or selectable custom price, also store admin can choose a custom image to display on the gift voucher with this Magento extension. The various information e.g. the balance, status & expiry date of gift voucher can be modified & manage in the account of every customer. The gift voucher code can also use as a discount coupon or a discount method during the checkout process. In more, the customer can use this gift card partially or completely on purchases.

Gift Voucher Magento 2 Extension Set up:

1. Install Gift Voucher Magento® 2 Extension extension from the market place.
2. To use the Magento extension, go to STORE> Configuration > SETUBRIDGE > Gift Voucher Tab.

Magento Gift Voucher Extension Configuration:

General Configuration: In the Magento gift voucher tab, you may be able to set the minimum & maximum gift amount value as global value. Here, admin can select the order status when the Gift voucher gets activated to avoid fraud cases. Also, you can control whether gift cart widget should display on shopping cart page or not.
Gift Vouchers Settings for admin users: Email option allows admin to set the order status when the gift voucher is emailed to related recipients. Default Gift banner display within email template can be set. You can also pick email template for each different gift cart type (email, printed, offline).
Gift Voucher creation: The admin can create multiple numbers of gift certificate templates as per requirement. To create a gift voucher, the admin will select the "Gift Voucher" as the product type. Then select the type of gift vouchers which needs to be created whether via email or offline or print option. You can then configure fields like Gift voucher code, Initial Value, Minimum/Maximum value, Expired date, Current balance, Currency and Status. Edit voucher feature is available to reuse existing gift cards.
Gift Voucher List: Magento 2 gift card extension generates the card on listing page along with the voucher details like Voucher code, From name, To name, email, order ID, Card balance, Type, Status and Action. Admin can perform mass delete operation if required.
Bulk Vouchers Generation: This awesome feature allows admin to generate gift vouchers in bulk with one operation. You can access feature on Marketing > Generate Gift Vouchers path where you can set count of gift vouchers to be generated, gift amount, voucher type & status. System will auto general configured count gift vouchers for you in almost no time.
How to purchase gift card on site frontend: All the active generated Gift cards will be displayed on the site frontend listing page just like other simple products. For examples, we have created three gift cards with each type email, printed, offline(you can always choose a different suitable name for gift vouchers)
Gift via email: Buyer can send gift voucher via email by filling required information.
Gift via offline: Buyer can send gift vouchers via offline by filling required information with custom messages written on a gift voucher.
This type of email gift voucher is sent to the person who the buyer who wants to send the gift voucher via email.
In order to redeem the gift voucher, customer needs to enter gift voucher code in given field in the shopping cart.
Information about gift voucher: All the information regarding the voucher the Order ID, Voucher Type, Date, Amount, Balance, Expired Dates, Status and Action can be viewed in the account of each customer.


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Change Log

Version 1.0.1 CE (Released on Mar 29, 2018)

  • *Fix issue with partial invoice & partial credit memo flow
  • *Fix issue with grid filter & design enhancement
  • *Extension code Optimization

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Oct 18, 2017)

  • +Gift code box on cart page can be enabled/disable by admin from backend
  • +3 different gift cards can be created (email, printed out and offline)
  • +Users can send vouchers via email or post office
  • +Store admin can generate bulk gift voucher codes at once
  • +Customer can write a custom message on gift card/voucher
  • +Set gift voucher expiration date
  • +Instantly resend gift vouchers
  • +Set minimal/maximal gift card values
  • +Admin can modify every gift voucher balance from the back-end option
  • +Manually add/edit gift voucher codes
  • +Gift certificate’s status can be changed
  • +Flexible price can be set with 3 options: fixed, price dropdown or selectable custom price
  • +Set gift card activation/deactivation, when an order gets a certain status, and more