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Zipcode Based COD Pro - Magento® 2 Extension

Zipcode Based COD Pro - Magento® 2 Extension

A flexible tool for your Magento2 based ecommerce store that helps configuring Cash on Delivery availability based on user’s zipcode or postcode.
  • Cash on Delivery on basis of the Postcodes/zipcodes can enabled
  • Cash on delivery on the basis of total order amount can be also be configured
  • Extra Fee can be added on COD orders and will be reflected in the order view pages, invoice ,and email notification
  • Responsive COD Availability checker widget to check the availability of cash on delivery for a zipcode or postcode directly on product detail page.
  • Batch CSV import for zipcodes / postcodes eligible for Cash on Delivery along with custom shipping instruction messages & Extra Fee.

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Zipcode Based COD Pro - Magento® 2 Extension allows admin enable Cash on Delivery Payment for specific zipcodes/postcodes/pincodes which is configured from backend. Plugin smoothly extends Magento COD functionality to be like a location based cash on delivery. It enables single upload of the CSV file containing all the zip codes or postcodes for which COD should be available. This eliminates the effort required to configure thousands of zipcode/postcodes individually. This Magento 2 extension also allows admin to configure the Extra COD fees for COD enabled orders. Also, Magento 2 merchants can configure custom extra fee to each zipcode through CSV upload feature discussed in detail below.

The product detail page has a COD availability checker feature to check if the COD is available for a given zipcode / postcode / pincode. This can also display the estimated delivery time which can be configured for each postcode directly from backend configuration area.

Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery Pro set-up:

1. Install the Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery extension from the market place.
2. To use the extension, go to STORE> Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Advance Cash On Delivery Module

Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery Pro configuration:

General Configuration: In the advance cash on delivery module, you can configure if you want enable or disable the Zipcode / Postcode Based Cash on Delivery feature and set a specific title, if opted to enable this feature. You also configure if you want to add the Postcode checker tool widget which specifies if COD is available for a postcode. You can configure the positioning of COD Availability checker widget around the predefined positions E.g. Below Product Name, Add to cart button etc. It also enables to manage the default status for a New order and select the countries for which the Cash on Delivery method is available.
Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery Pro
Cash on Delivery Configuration: The zipcodes available for COD can be either entered in the comma separated form or the batch upload can be done through a CSV file containing the zipcodes. You can also set COD based on certain limit on the order amount. Extra Cost in form of COD fees can be added globally and/or through CSV for each added zipcode / postcode / pincode separately. CSV also accepts personalized success/ error / delivery estimation messages for each zipcode & display accordingly instead of showing global messages explained in next configuration section
Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery Pro
Content configuration: In this section, you can configure the messages for various scenarios like when Cash On delivery method is available or not for a zip code or for error messages or the estimated delivery time when COD is available.
Additionally, if you want to limit zipcode validation only through few countries, you can choose multiple countries for which you want to validate the zip codes. Rest of countries will display cash on delivery without passing through zipcode validation.
Zipcode Based Cash on Delivery Pro


Version 1.0.1 CE (Released on Mar 28, 2017)

  • + Fixed issue with zipcode validation within specific countries
  • + Extension code Optimization

Version 1.0.0 CE (Released on Apr 08, 2017)

  • + Restrict Cash on delivery specific to country from backend.
  • + Enable/Disable COD display based on order total.
  • + Enable Cash on Delivery Fee display in email notification, Invoice PDF & order view pages.
  • + Responsive Postcode / Zipcode Availability checker widget on Product detail page
  • + Batch Import for COD eligible Zipcodes/postcodes using CSV upload feature

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  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    It's extremely useful and you restrict payment methods based on zipcode. It works well in all custom themes and with the latest Magento version.

    - Vins

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    I had a small installation SetuBridge set it straight within hours. Worth every cent!

    - Dane

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    The service from the developer of this extension has been truly exceptional.
    This extension works perfectly as described.
    Very happy with.:)

    - sittidet

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    I had no problems installing the extension and it works as expected right away.

    - Venigr

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    I have purchased 2 of the SetuBridge plugins and I am very impressed. The products function perfectly.

    - bhuvan

  • Developer Support
    Extension Working
    This Magento extension works so easily to manage COD based on locations and development team is very enthusiast and quick to help whenever needed. Thanks !!!

    - crhis

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